Escalation Matrix
Level 1      
Problem Category Contact Person Email Phone no
Wired and Wireless Network Binod,Shyam,Kaushlendra 01126907576
Laptop,Desktop,H/w Related issues Binod,Shyam,Kaushlendra 01126907576
All Labs Binod,Shyam,Kaushlendra 01126907576
IP Phone,IPBX Binod ,Shyam,Kaushlendra 01126907576
If Problem is not resolved by level 1 people with in 4 Hrs. then go for next level in hierarchy      
Level 2(Servers,Firewall,Storage,Network,Phone)

Level 3(Servers,Firewall,Storage,Network,Phone) Abhinay Saxena 01126907574
Level 4(Servers,Firewall,Storage,Network,Phone) Dr. Sambuddho Chakravarty 01126907478